How do we free pastors to pray, preach, and proclaim the Gospel message of Jesus Christ: Son, Savior, & Lord?  By unleashing discipleship from within private church buildings and renewing the apostolic plan – in the neighborhood among our neighbors.  Instead of segmenting families into ages (nursery, children, youth, adult ministries), we are uniting families and offering them family time at home.  Discipleship is based upon Deuteronomy 6 which instructs the parents (not church staff) as the primary champions of faith for children.

Members of missional congregations within our fellowship gather for worship in their particular local congregation but are discipled where they spend their time – at work or school and at home.  Programs are minimized because we expect believers to disciple others.


How do we unleash the believers for their unique ministry?  By listening to the call of God upon their life and empowering their giftedness within a coordinated community of believers.  We value the role of non-profit organizations within our community and affirm their missional objectives.

Missional congregations within our fellowship are free from administrating programs so as to be available in the community as volunteers.  Instead of creating a mentoring program, let’s be a mentor.  Instead of serving on a program committee, let’s serve on a Board of Directors for a community organization.  Time is not limited when mobilized.  Our network is well connected within each community we service because pastors shepherd entire communities and our discipling network of neighborhood-based small groups grants us the ability to serve the multitudes.

A Call To Action!

We hear a strange lament from the household of God — “we lack sufficient resources to achieve our mission.”    
We invite you to abandon your assumed constraints.
Today is a new day, for all things are possible for those who are in Christ Jesus. Our Servant Leadership Communities want to bless your congregation with too much time, money and leaders.  If the Lord has determined your course surely He has already provided abundant resources!

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